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The Real Estate Agent Dilemma: A Closer Look at the Over-Saturation in the Market

In a recent study conducted across the United States, interesting statistics emerged regarding the performance of real estate agents in teh previous calendar year. The findings show that a big portion of agents sold only 1 or no homes. As well as detailing that an average of 70-75% of agents sold five or less homes. This highlights the challenge faced by real estate agents in a highly coompetitive market.

Every year an estimated 5-6 million transactions take place., the market is spread thin due to how many agents there are. For many individuals, the real estate industry is a part time...

Vacant Home Tax Q&A

1) Q: What is the Vacant Home Tax?

A: The Vacant Home Tax is 1% of the Current Value Assessment (CVA) for the 2023 year and applies to Toronto homes declared, deemed, or found vacant for over 6 months in the previous year. The tax is based on the property’s occupancy status in the previous year.

2) Q: When was the Deadline?

A: The original deadline was February 29th but was extended to March 15th.

3) Q. What happens if you did not register by those dates?

A: There will be a late fee of $21.24 as well as a Notice of Assessment by the City. Meaning you will be notified about your non...

Scams and Fraud - What to do

Scams and Fraud - What to do

Scammers have ramped up their efforts in recent years in Canada. With the increase in technology it makes it easier to fall for their tactics. Here are a few tips to protect yourself and your business from scammers and frauds.

Don't fear to say NO!
Using high pressure tactics, scammers try to get information from you. Typical telemarketers will try to get you to buy something or to send them money in an urgent manner. Stay calm and always request the information or offers in writing. Ask them to email it to you. Most offers nowadays...

5 Programs the Government Can Help You to Buy Your 1st Home

5 Programs the Government Can Help You to Buy Your 1st Home

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the difficult real estate market? You're not alone. If you're a first-time homebuyer, the current market conditions, financial limitations, and recent Bank of Canada rate increases may seem intimidating and could delay your plans of becoming a homeowner.

However, owning your first home doesn't have to be an impossible dream. To make homeownership more attainable and facilitate entry into the real estate market, different levels of government have created various initiatives and programs...

Renovating & Remodeling to Sell

Renovating & Remodeling to Sell

Have you been thinking about renovating or remodeling your home? Are you thinking about selling your home? Do you know what the ROI (return on investment) the projects you have in mind can bring you? Let us walk you through what your options are and which renovations are best for you and your home.

Home improvements aren’t created equal. Some projects may actually decrease your home value. The ROI can vary between 20 to over 100 percent, depending on the type of project you take on. For the most part, the majority of renovations will not fully recoup...

Pre-Construction vs. Resale Homes

Pre-Construction vs. Resale Homes

Comparing Pre-Construction vs. Resale Homes





On an average, you need 20% downpayment

Can put downpayment for as low as 5%

Extras, Fixtures

You may have to buy appliances on your own

Lot of extras like window coverings,99% of times 4-5 appliances,electric light fixtures and upgrades

Parking, Storage...

Home Efficiency Rebate Plus (HER+)

Home Efficiency Rebate Plus (HER+)

Did you know that Enbridge Gas and Canada’s Greener Homes Grant have partnered to offer rebates towards retrofits such as home insulations, windows and doors, and renewable energy systems. The HER+ program is aimed to help Ontarians save energy in their homes.

This program can benefit you up to $10,000 in rebates. In addition participants can also offset the cost of their EnerGuide home evaluation with an extra $600 rebate.

How can the heating home system rebate benefit you?

  • Сost Savings. You will receive up to $10,600 to replace the...

Renting to International students: A guide for Landlords

Renting to International students: A guide for Landlords


Students from across the globe find Canada an attractive place to pursue their college or university education.   

According to data released by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship (IRCC), Canada’s international student population stood at nearly 807,7500 as of December 31, 2022. The majority of these students are from India, China, Philippines, France and Nigeria. 


Have you considered renting to international students? 

If so, here is some information that will help you prepare to be a landlord and make...

Turning Basement into Income Suite

Turning Basement into Income Suite

With the economic situation we find ourselves in, all Canadians are looking for ways to bring in extra income. One option is to put your home equity to work. Converting your basement into a legal income suite is a great step to take. To help fund this, you can take advantage of HELOC (home equity line of credit) to fund the changes to your home.

Zoning & Regulations

Know how your home is zoned. In recent years, there has been an easement for allowing more zoned areas to have suites.

We typically find these regulations on your province's...

Federal Budget 2022 Includes Numerous Actions on Housing and Real Estate

On April 7, 2022, the federal government announced the details of its 2022 budget. Housing affordability is a major consideration of this budget and, as such, the federal government is proposing to take numerous actions targeted at housing and the real estate sector. A summary of key items is provided below.

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